How 1970's musicals were used to rebel against societal norms on gender and sexuality
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

presentation feedback

Stacey- Johnny Depp as the anti hero- main focus film; Sweeney Todd
main characetrs; Johnny Depp as Sweeney, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman.
Micro- Costume and performance
- Good visual backup (prezi)

Alex- Pixar animation- main focus film; Finding Nemo
main character- Nemo, Dory, Turtle, Father
main scene- Nemo gets taken
-good detail in certain areas like stats, but lacking on others a little.

Oliver- Social ideologies in zombie movies- main focus film; 28 weeks later
main character- Don and mother
main scene- opening scene with the survivors- how they adapt to different situations together
- interesting, and good use of visuals

Nick- ideologies of iraq war in body of films- main focus film; Hurtlocker
main scene- therapist getting killed by muslims/ sniper scene
main characters- Sam borne and James
micro- mise en scene/ performance
- well presented, confident, and indepth on films

Caroline- Tim Burton as auteur with Johnny Depp- main film- Alice in wonderland
main scene- proposal at the beginning
main character- mad hatter, alice
Micro- performance and costume
- well presented and good information used